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Brilliant Mind Society

A Free Group Business Mentorship/Coaching Program 


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Welcome to the Brilliant Minds Society, where growth, community, and empowerment converge. If you're passionate about personal and professional development, connecting with like-minded individuals, and making a positive impact, you're in the right place. Membership in our society is a journey, and we're excited to have you take the first step.

 As a member of the Brilliant Minds Society, you'll gain access to a wealth of resources and opportunities, including:

At Brilliant Minds Society, we believe in the power of personalized attention and meaningful connections. To ensure the best experience for all our members, we keep our group mentorship classes small. However, we accept new members on a rolling basis several times per year.

To get on the list for our upcoming membership opportunities, please submit the form below:

BHC-24 3.jpg

We appreciate your patience as we curate a dynamic and supportive community. Your journey with Brilliant Minds Society is just around the corner!

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